Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dress redux (redo?)...

So one of my current goals is to turn all these dresses that I no longer wear into skirts that I probably will.  This is has been a favorite goal for me so far and I am excited to do it.  I bought two packages of elastic today (with 40% off coupons of course) and I guess the thicker the elastic is the less you get so maybe I'll try the next size down.  Hopefully, I'll get more than two out of the next package of elastic.

(Crooked stance, not hem)

Okay so technically these two weren't dresses but shirts that were too big.  (I guess so if I made them into skirts right!)  Anyway, I do have many dresses to skirt up but I ran out of elastic.  It's like a whole new skirtdrobe!  More to come!