Thursday, February 23, 2017

Butterick 6427...

Hi, I'm back at it again with my beloved knits.  This time I took at stab at Butterick 6427.  First, of all, my experience with Butterick patterns is that they never fit right.  Ugh.  This one was no different, and it's mult-sized in one cut which makes it that much more awful.  I opted for the L size but I should have done M.  It was a tent.  I had to take it in many times before I could get a fit that I was happy with.

Here's the pattern:

Here's how it turned out:

Not bad, but it's not flattering (it's not supposed to be though as it's lounge wear/workout gear) so I belted it.

Here's a close up of the fabric:

I like this dress (?).  It was easy to make and comfortable, but if you decide to make this size down!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"She's doing a marvelous impression of a deflating balloon."

Hello!  I'm back!  I'm here with the last of the Holtzmann pieces.  So these pants I found the be the hardest to find via purchasing.

In the film they look shiny but in the above behind the scenes photo, they appear to look just like normal pants (not shiny at all).

Since I couldn't find a pair of pants like that to purchase, I decided to make them.  This also proved to be a challenge as I couldn't find the color or the stripe pattern at Joann's.  However, I did manage to find a interior decor fabric which had stripe variations.  The only problem was it was cream colored.  I decided to buy it and dye it. 

I wish I had a before picture but here's what it looks like after two dye baths using Emerald Green Rit Dye.

That's not the best photo.  It's darker IRL.

To make these pants I used Simplicity 1165:

I made A pants and just cut them shorter than they were meant to be.

Here's how they turned out:

The good news is that they are super comfortable, but I cut a size bigger than I normally wear (because you never know with pants).  It turns out they were way too big, and I had to take them in a bit.  The end result is that they are still baggier than I would like, but since I'm lazy as hell, I'm calling it a day.

I like this pattern.  It's super easy and I'll happily make these again albeit in a smaller size.