Saturday, November 11, 2017

Simplicity 2850...

I made a jumper dress which works pretty good for winter.

For this I used Simplicity 2850 and some fabric that had just been sitting in my to-be-made cabinet.

Here's the pattern:

All in all this was pretty easy to make.  I scrapped the button accents because I'm lazy, and they just seemed annoying.

Here's how it turned out:

Looking at this picture I was reminded that I need a new cinch waist belt (as this one pictured has gotten too big), so I went to eBay to buy one just now.  I did make the pictured belt but I cut it on the wrong grain of the fabric, so it doesn't stretch properly.  Also, I don't think it looks so great and needs a little contrast.

Here's a close up of the fabric:

That's it for today!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Great Pants Project 2017...

I'm in the midst of making all the pants I made last year fit me now.  First I took on these which were a real pain because the material is a little stretchy and it took forever to get them to fit me properly.

The picture on the left was taken a year and two months ago.

The lighting is different as it's a different room in a different house (in a different city no less), but I guarantee you these are the same pants.  I'm glad they fit now.  You can see the original work here.

Using that same pattern I had cut these pants out around the same time but they didn't fit when I tried them on at that time, but now, of course, they were too big so this is the second pair I took in.

(No before pic of these pants because I never finished them.  Also, I'm pretty sure I have no idea which side the zipper actually goes on.)

Finally, the last ones I fixed for today were these:

I took a picture of me wearing these pants just for fun.  Trust me, they are the same pants.  These weren't so difficult to fix since the zipper was in the middle and I didn't have to mess with it at all.  (Here's the original work.)

Here's a better view:

(Yes, these are the same pants!  Hard to believe I know.)

My back is killing me, so I'm calling it a night.  I now have three pairs of pants that fit me perfectly just in time for colder weather.

Edit: Today I finished the last pair of pants.

Here's the original work.

There's one more pair of pants to fix but they have a double elastic waist, so I probably won't fix them for a while.  Plus, they are not winter wear.

I'm glad to have a nice stock pile of pants now!

Halloween 2017!

A little late on this one.  Sorry about that.  For Halloween this year I went as myself.  Now hold on.  I didn't Heidi Klum anything around here.  I went as myself as a Pok√©mon Go trainer.

To make this I used the two different trainer patterns available.  For the jacket I used McCall's 7556:

It wasn't very difficult.  Just the zipper was a pain in the butt.

For the sprint suit I used Simplicity 8410:

This was more difficult because the shiny fabric I bought was pretty cheap and ended up running a couple times.  Also, I could never get the zipper the sit straight, but I figured who cares as it's just a costume.

Here's the finished product (in two versions):

I actually ended up wearing this costume 4 times which I think is a record for me.  I just had so many events this year.

Regarding the Mimikyu hat, I made it by hand without a pattern, and I think it turned out pretty good considering it's the first time I've ever made a hat.

Here's a closer look:

I hope you had a happy Halloween!