Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lookee what we have here...

That's right, Pink, before you start something NEW finish what you've been working on. Duh.

Okay so I am aware that whilst playing dress up I did forget the long beads. Damn. When I actually wear this out and about, I won't forget them.

So I think this turned out not bad. Since the material was sheer and would look crappy faced, I finished the neckline, armholes and hem with bias tape. I don't know if this is period correct so if you see the 1920s police holla. Oh shit, the chesttoo isn't period correct either!

Actually, I think the bias tape brings out the definition in the handkerchief hem.

What do you think?

I dig it!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New & old patterns...

Well I bought fabric for this one. I can't wait to make it!
I also won two patterns recently on eBay, both under $15!

I'm totally makin' that short sleeve sucker!
This is an historic occasion for me. The above is officially my first 1920s top pattern. Yay!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Too bad, so sad...

This went outside my price range. *SOB*

Friday, May 22, 2009


I just saw two 1920s patterns on eBay listed for $49.88 EACH as a BIN. Are you kidding me? PATTERNS?!?!? I could buy an authentic dress for less than that because I have paid less than that for an authentic 20s dress. Good luck selling those patterns lady! Oh, they come with a free bar of GOLD. Carry on then.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I'm on vacation and still I have 20 days until I leave for Japan. I figured in that time I would do a little sewing. I bought this fabric a while ago and I'm currently in the process of cutting it out. The contrast isn't as light as the picture makes it out to be. It's more peachy.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Looka this lovely paper from the scrapbooking store!

I have this area above the closet in my office/sewing room that could use some decorating. I'll post pics when it's complete!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The bug...

I'm pretty sure I was bitten by the sewing bug today!

Started this one which has been back logged forever!

It's a bit big on top. I don't know if I'll leave it that way or dart it. It's also waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It hits my ankles! (A fashion mistake for short me!) I need to trim the bottom and bind the sleeves and neck since the fabric is uber sheer. I also already had a great dark red belt to match. I'm sure this one will be neat when done!

Hey, at least I'm sewing again!

Dress repair...

If you go back to the March entry "It was a good day..." you'll see the original dress. This dress was one cause of my recent tiny armhole complaint. Today, feeling annoyed with that dress leering at me in the corner while I selfishly watched "Battlestar Galactica" I decided to work a bit on it. After all it's currently not wearable.

First I took off the sleeves (don't know my my arm looks so weird):

I hemmed the bottom of the dress because it was poorly mended with some yellow (on black fabric WTF) thread.

The final two pictures don't really show progress but progress to come. The red insets are badly damaged. There are spots and holes. I figured I would just (seam) rip the red out and replace with fresh new fabric. The black is in damn good condition for being over 80 years old!

Also, on the final picture you can see the close up of the fabric. The reason for this is I need your input. My first thought it that it's too fancy for sleeveless (which will be very easy to do). I still have the sleeves and they are long but I can't fit my giant modern arms in to them. I thought maybe I could take them apart and try some short sleeves but I don't know if that will work. Does anyone have any ideas? Help!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear 1920s Additction...

I have neglected you, 'tis true.

I haven't felt much like sewing these days. I found for me my interest in sewing goes in spurts.

I am currently working on getting myself in shape which is a long road but I'm committed!

Anyway, I have an issue with some garments and I was wondering if anyone knows what the deal is with this. I have purchased a number of authentic 1920s dresses since I started this blog. Two of those dresses have ridiculously small arms holes. Like I can't even get my arm into them! I don't get this. I don't have walrus like arms and the rest of the dress fits my measurements. So I honestly wonder...did women (even those with curves) have stick arms?

I made a drawing to further illustrate my question:

Drawing is copyright ME so don't try to steal this priceless treasure and call it your own!

Anyway, this isn't meant to be a joke entirely because this is really baffling! I mean the above is really what I picture in my head!

Anyone have any insight on this?