Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's in the queue...

I have no idea what colors of fabrics for the first one but I would like to make the 2nd one look like the picture.

The new (old) one...

This gem is a gift from the boyfriend. The lace is in beautiful condition and only needs a few touch ups before I can in good conscience wear it out. I can't believe and I'm so happy that no one else even bid on it!

There are weights sewn into the back! (The blue velvet colored round):
Lace detail:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Actual 1920s dress...

From eBay:

The first picture isn't a great view of the dress but just to show I'm not as fat as the dress makes me look. I couldn't get any better pics. :(

I really think that instead of the opening in the front (I have something underneath) that it was supposed to have some clasps or something. I'd have to inspect it further because I can't see a spot for any now. I think if it was fixed it would definitely be a more flattering cut. Be gentle.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What started it all...

I really can't pinpoint where my love for the 20s started but I can show the first 20s dress I made and why I needed to make it so badly. It was The Painted Veil with Naomi Watts which really isn't a bad film.

The dress:

My dress:

Gimme a break the collar isn't exact but it's damn close.

Two more patterns...

These two didn't come up in the regular 1920s pattern search that I do like every day. I found them a different way. I'm glad the seller listed them this way because I got a smokin' deal on them as no one knew they were there. I am quite excited for these. Now if I can sell some dresses I've never worn, I can pay for 'em!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two complete outfits...

Some new patterns...

I've had a horrible week on eBay trying to win vintage patterns. Aren't we in a recession? Stop f-ing driving the prices up people!

After much fighting I got this:
And with it I will be making this:
After very little fighting also this:

The clothes in the movie Brideshead Revisited make me squeal. There's another dress I want to make from the film as well. I thought I had bought a pattern that resembled it but not at all so the search continues.

Meanwhile, not counting these two I am four patterns backed up. Those are the ones I haven't bought fabric for! There are still three that are cut out and one that's being assembled and one I need some help with. Argh! Sewing overload! It doesn't help that I've had to work every freakin' weekend lately! Come on! I needs ta be sewin'!

Monday, January 26, 2009


It's tedious. I am currently beading the black dress in the last post. I'll post another pic of it in 2012 when I'm done.

Three and counting!

From this pattern:

We get these beautiful dresses:


I also bought this:

The flaws were described thoroughly on the listing; however, I didn't think it would be as bad as all that. There is a major hole in the front of the dress and it is covered with stains (mostly rust). I am torn. I don't think that a cleaning would help too much and even if it did there's still the nasty hole. Should I take it apart and use it as a pattern? I've never done that with anything let alone anything so old and I just have reservations. And not because I am a staunch preservationist or because I think I couldn't do it. (Oh, trust me the seam ripper is my best friend.)

Should I take it apart?

1920s beaded dress...

The 20s is and always will be my favorite decade. Where else do you see a decade so radically different from anything before or after it? Therefore, it is currently my favorite shopping and sewing obsession.

So I recently bought this dress from eBay:

After I squeezed it on myself, I couldn't feel my arms. The underarms had been patched (not a super job) so I took the sleeves off. I have never made anything into sleeveless before mind you but I managed it and well, I think it looks pretty okay.

Pay no attention to that weird shadow on the left.