Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, it's officially 2010 on some parts of the planet and I'm not going to be on here when 2010 officially hits AZ so there it is.

Today, I made this lovely:

(I think when I wear this is the real world, I'll need a tank underneath.)


So I combined elements of A and B to make my own tunic.  The problems that I had with this weren't pattern problems but fabric problems.  Despite being a knit it's a thinner knit and that caused some problems with the neckline facing which kept curling and I ultimately just sewed it down.  I really like how this turned out and if I ever make it again I'll use a thicker knit.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another sewing day...

I really need to have more weeks off and a disposable income so I could make clothes all day every day.

So I did up the hem on that pink polka Jem dress.  And I got two patterns today in the mail.  One I had already bought fabric for so I went ahead and made it.

I would like to try wearing this with something other than Spongebob Squarepants jammies. 


I had one issue with this pattern.  The directions said to turn in the sleeves and sew them like a hem.  Well I had a terrible time with that so I just said fuck it and cut out some facing and faced these sleeves.  It turned out fine I think.

In addition to leaving my wallet at Joann's (I almost had a heart attack but it was right where I left it) I found some new patterns.  Project Runway is sneaky.  The have tunics and dresses within the same pattern so I found three really cute ones and went home and promptly ordered them off eBay for way cheap.  I even bought THE BEST fabric for one.  I just hope it gets here before the 6th when the vacation is officially over.

Sigh.  Love = sewing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am smilin'...

I really like this tunic okay!  So I just finished this like just now.  I bought this fabric a while ago for a dress and it has been sitting in my sewing closet ever since.  I couldn't let such pretty fabric go unnoticed.  Alas, another Project Runway tunic:

Here's a close up of the fabric:


This is the second Jem inspired dress.  As you can see it's not an exact replica but I like mine alright.  Trying to find pink fabric with black dots was almost impossible so I found fabric with black and dyed it pink.  Please forgive the hem not being finished.  I have to do that and a few other finishing touches tomorrow.   Also, I had a problem with this pattern.  While the waist fit perfectly the bust was ridiculous.  It was like you could have fit another set of boobs in there.  Two darts at the top helped that problem and hopefully it doesn't look bad.  I think it looks pretty okay.  Man that never happens though.  Usually everything fits perfectly without alterations which I'm not good at anyway.  Come to think of it I have had issues like this with Butterick patterns before.  Note to self: Butterick busts = ridiculous.  Stick with Simplicity!

Without further ado:

I made B minus the pockets.

Monday, December 28, 2009


So it's 11:45PM and I've just finished my first Project Runway pattern.  They're weird.  They have a create your own design system and the measurements for fabric pieces are listed separately.  Assembling isn't hard at all though.  I'm on this tunic kick right now.  Like I need to have a closet full of tunics.  They hide my body flaws so I love them.  Anyway, I made this:

I love the fabric I chose.  I should.  I forever agonized over fabric combos while in the store.

Here's a close up of the main fabric:

Finally the pattern:

Bottom right is the one I made.

I totally want to make this again as it turned out really cute!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two new dresses...

This is the first of the Jem/Jerrica series.  After Halloween I rediscovered my love of Jem.  This is a still from the first episode:

This is my dress minus accessories (which I still need):

Not bad with the fabric choice if I do say so myself!  The neckband is having some fusible interfacing issues.  I'm gonna wash it and hope those issues are resolved otherwise I'll just have to go back in and rip out the interfacing which is gonna be a pain in the neck.  No pun intended.

This is the pattern I used:

It's got four great lookin' pleats in the back and I simply did away with the side cut out thing.  It was super easy.

Next I fell in love with this knit fabric:

And I made this dress with it:

I used the same pattern as the previous two posts (you know the one I made incorrectly).  This one was really easy too.

I just cut out the last of the dresses and will start on that later.  My super awesome cousin got me a Joann's gift card so I might pedal up there tomorrow and see what I can get.  I ordered three patterns from eBay and I bought fabric for one tunic.  I think it's a great combo.  I'm just waiting for the pattern to come in the mail and then I can start it.  :)

That's all the sewing news that's fit to print!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Knit #2...

Here's the 2nd knit top I made.  Proof you should read things in their entirety.  I figured I wouldn't need the lining because I never line things but the lining is what makes the bottom bubble.  Duh.



I made the dress version though I don't think I could ever wear it as a dress.  It'd be too short for me.  The fabric is a cute little tomato print.

I love my face in that picture so much I couldn't crop it out (which is what I was initially going to do).

The final knit I made is also this pattern.  It's the other dress.  I just haven't gotten a chance to wear it because it's been cold.  Pics of that as soon as I wear it!

Problem solved...

So I fixed the dress that was supposed to be a top from my last post.

Here's what it looks like now:

Honestly, I like it much better this way. 

No fear though!  I am making the dress from that pattern (the right way) because I found the sweetest knit fabric.  It's partially cut out.  I promise pics when it's finished.  I have a lot of free time on my hands up and coming so I also cut out two more dresses.  It's gonna be good.  :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The first of the knits...

Obviously I made this wrong.  See the pattern:

See mine:

I completely missed where it said cut here for view B so I ended up making a dress length top.  (BTW It's not crooked it's just the way I'm standing.)

So I need your help.  Should I fix it to the correct length for the top or leave it as is?  The girls at work said it looked okay as is.

Your thoughts?