Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another sewing day...

I really need to have more weeks off and a disposable income so I could make clothes all day every day.

So I did up the hem on that pink polka Jem dress.  And I got two patterns today in the mail.  One I had already bought fabric for so I went ahead and made it.

I would like to try wearing this with something other than Spongebob Squarepants jammies. 


I had one issue with this pattern.  The directions said to turn in the sleeves and sew them like a hem.  Well I had a terrible time with that so I just said fuck it and cut out some facing and faced these sleeves.  It turned out fine I think.

In addition to leaving my wallet at Joann's (I almost had a heart attack but it was right where I left it) I found some new patterns.  Project Runway is sneaky.  The have tunics and dresses within the same pattern so I found three really cute ones and went home and promptly ordered them off eBay for way cheap.  I even bought THE BEST fabric for one.  I just hope it gets here before the 6th when the vacation is officially over.

Sigh.  Love = sewing.


  1. I am seriously loving this top WITH the Spongebob jammie bottoms.I'm also impressed that you even own Spongebob jammie bottoms.

  2. I thought everyone had Spongebob jammies.