Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is the second Jem inspired dress.  As you can see it's not an exact replica but I like mine alright.  Trying to find pink fabric with black dots was almost impossible so I found fabric with black and dyed it pink.  Please forgive the hem not being finished.  I have to do that and a few other finishing touches tomorrow.   Also, I had a problem with this pattern.  While the waist fit perfectly the bust was ridiculous.  It was like you could have fit another set of boobs in there.  Two darts at the top helped that problem and hopefully it doesn't look bad.  I think it looks pretty okay.  Man that never happens though.  Usually everything fits perfectly without alterations which I'm not good at anyway.  Come to think of it I have had issues like this with Butterick patterns before.  Note to self: Butterick busts = ridiculous.  Stick with Simplicity!

Without further ado:

I made B minus the pockets.

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