Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two new dresses...

This is the first of the Jem/Jerrica series.  After Halloween I rediscovered my love of Jem.  This is a still from the first episode:

This is my dress minus accessories (which I still need):

Not bad with the fabric choice if I do say so myself!  The neckband is having some fusible interfacing issues.  I'm gonna wash it and hope those issues are resolved otherwise I'll just have to go back in and rip out the interfacing which is gonna be a pain in the neck.  No pun intended.

This is the pattern I used:

It's got four great lookin' pleats in the back and I simply did away with the side cut out thing.  It was super easy.

Next I fell in love with this knit fabric:

And I made this dress with it:

I used the same pattern as the previous two posts (you know the one I made incorrectly).  This one was really easy too.

I just cut out the last of the dresses and will start on that later.  My super awesome cousin got me a Joann's gift card so I might pedal up there tomorrow and see what I can get.  I ordered three patterns from eBay and I bought fabric for one tunic.  I think it's a great combo.  I'm just waiting for the pattern to come in the mail and then I can start it.  :)

That's all the sewing news that's fit to print!