Sunday, April 8, 2018

McCall's M7430...

So I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to make a dress today.  I actually had two sewing projects waiting (because they wouldn't fit in the fabric drawer...oops).  This was one but fortunately (unfortunately?) I had a ton of this fabric left over, so I set it aside for a top.

Anyway, I used McCall's M7430.  Here's the pattern:

Sadly I bought this pattern when I was still heavier which means the smallest size on the pattern was 14 36/28/28.  I cut the 14 but it ended up being too large.

So I took it down one size which would be a 12 34/26.5/36.  It was still too big.  It ended up fitting as a size 10 32.5/25/34.5.  Now this is insane because I know those are not my measurements which leads me to believe this McCall's pattern runs way big.

Regardless, I think it turned out great and I look super fit in this picture so yay for that.

If you make this, I'd recommend sizing down.  That's all for today!