Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fixing stuff...

So if you're late to the party I've recently lost 16kg (35 pounds).  A lot of my clothes ended up being donated either to H&M or Goodwill.  However, some were salvageable, so I spent my Sunday morning fixing a bunch of clothes to make them fit better and just like that we have new clothes.

First, this was a maxi dress from Wal-Mart (which wasn't particularly expensive especially since I bought it at Goodwill but I like the colors).  When I lost weight, the top of the dress became too big.  VoilĂ !  Skirt!

Next, this was another dress (from Gap) that became just a little too big, so I made it into a skirt.

Next, this was a skirt I made 100 years ago and I can't remember ever wearing it which is a shame because the print is so cute.  I decided to shorten it in the hopes that I'll wear it.

The last of the skirts was formerly a dinosaur dress (from Modcloth) that also became too big in the top.  Not being one to ever part with anything dinosaurs, I made it into a cute skirt.  I love it.

Finally, I bought this dress from Uniqlo.  I liked it but thought it was too long.  Well, it turns out I made it too short to wear to work, but I can pair it with leggins and it'll be fine.

That's all.  I haven't sewn anything really because the last thing I made (albeit super cute) was too big.  Once I finish losing weight, I'll measure myself and I can start sewing again.