Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Simplicity 8089...

Okay one more and I'm done for the day.  I've got other things to do!

First this is the pattern.  It's Simplicity 8089:

This pattern comes in XXS - XXL sizes all in one envelope.  BIG DISLIKE.  Because the individual sizes are cut for multiple measurements, these tend to not fit me well.  Last time I made one, it was too big.  This time to try to remedy that I cut in between two sizes and then just ignored that I did that and sewed the biggest inseam possible.

This is the fabric I used:

It's a supercute mint knit.

Here's the top:

While the sleeves fit fine, the bottom half of the top seemed a bit big. (But maybe that's the dolman style?) Regardless, I like it and am not gonna alter it.  Really, that's all for today!

McCall's 7313...

Hello!  It's not quite vacation yet.  I still have one more day of work.  However, I didn't have to work today so I made a dress!

McCall's 7313 is a Learn to Sew pattern.  Obviously, I know how to sew because I have a sewing blog duh.  However, I love these beginner sewing patterns because they are super fast and easy.

Here's the fabric I used:

Super cute right?  Even though it doesn't photograph well.  It's a dark pink animal print knit that I bought from Joann's last Christmas specifically for this pattern.

Here's the dress:

I made C with the shorter A/B skirt.  I love the way it turned out!  Plus, I knocked it out in less than 2 hours.  (Extra time for fixing the neck and hem.)  Even though this was thin I didn't put any holes in it.  I'll definitely make this pattern again!  That's all for now.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Great Shorts Project 2016 Part III...

Alas, the Great Shorts Project comes to a close.  Unfortunately, one of the fabric scraps wasn't big enough for another pair, so I ended up with only this adorable pink pair.

The waist shot didn't photograph very well, but these ended up high waisted too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Great Shorts Project 2016.  I'll be back this summer with more clothes as I'm currently drowning in knits (not like that's a bad thing).  See you soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Great Shorts Project 2016 Part II...

Hello!  I made some more shorts!  I'm almost out of scrap fabric.  Just two more kinds left.  We'll see if they're big enough to squeeze two more pairs of shorts out of.  I hope so because one fabric is pink.  I heart pink.

Today I made these:

These are the shortest because the fabric was a little uneven toward the bottom.  Also, I am not a fan of that waist.  I ran out of the denim looking fabric, but I figure no one will see it anyway.  I feel a little self conscious wearing these, but this is Japan, and I've seen much shorter.

Next, I made these:

Another high waisted pair, these ended up being bigger than I wanted them to be.  I figure I can just wear these to the buffet.  ;)

Possibly two more pairs of shorts, and I will definitely be surviving summer in Japan.

Stay tuned because I'm almost on summer vacation, so I can sew for fun because I'll have no responsibilities!

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Great Shorts Project 2016...

Hey!  I don"t have much time to sew these days because I've been so busy.  However, summer is here and it's hot!

Recently, I realized that I have like two pairs of shorts.  Unacceptable!  However, it's damn near impossible for me to buy shorts here (especially since I gained a little weight that I'm slowly working off after being injured last year).

Over Christmas, I bought this pattern:

This is a vintage Simplicity 9487.  I bought it for the knit top (because you know I love the knits).

Well, this is the only shorts pattern I have in Japan.  About a week ago, I dug through the box of fabric scraps I had.  Some of the fabric was from stuff that doesn't even exist in Japan (as in stuff I made in America that's either gone or still there).  So with the fabric scraps and this pattern I set to work.  Now this pattern has the shorts pleated (nope) and a zipper (nope).  I scrapped the pleats and zipper and just added an elastic waist.  I'm all for simplicity man.

So far here's what I've done (forgive the crappy pics as it's really hard to photograph shorts apparently):




 (Though #2 and #3 look the same, #2 is knit and #3 is a shiny cotton perhaps sateen?)


#4 actually looks the most like the pattern shorts.  They ended up super high waisted.  I ain't mad at that.  They're actually cute.

Hold on kids!  I'm not done.  I still have 4 more different fabric scraps.  We'll see if they are big enough to squeeze out four more pairs of shorts.

Happy summer!  Stay cool!