Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Great Shorts Project 2016 Part II...

Hello!  I made some more shorts!  I'm almost out of scrap fabric.  Just two more kinds left.  We'll see if they're big enough to squeeze two more pairs of shorts out of.  I hope so because one fabric is pink.  I heart pink.

Today I made these:

These are the shortest because the fabric was a little uneven toward the bottom.  Also, I am not a fan of that waist.  I ran out of the denim looking fabric, but I figure no one will see it anyway.  I feel a little self conscious wearing these, but this is Japan, and I've seen much shorter.

Next, I made these:

Another high waisted pair, these ended up being bigger than I wanted them to be.  I figure I can just wear these to the buffet.  ;)

Possibly two more pairs of shorts, and I will definitely be surviving summer in Japan.

Stay tuned because I'm almost on summer vacation, so I can sew for fun because I'll have no responsibilities!

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