Monday, January 26, 2009


I also bought this:

The flaws were described thoroughly on the listing; however, I didn't think it would be as bad as all that. There is a major hole in the front of the dress and it is covered with stains (mostly rust). I am torn. I don't think that a cleaning would help too much and even if it did there's still the nasty hole. Should I take it apart and use it as a pattern? I've never done that with anything let alone anything so old and I just have reservations. And not because I am a staunch preservationist or because I think I couldn't do it. (Oh, trust me the seam ripper is my best friend.)

Should I take it apart?


  1. Is the hole in the top bit or the skirt bit? You could make it into a top(??) I own vintage pieces I will never wear, just because I liked them. Lame I know!!

  2. Take it apart to draft a pattern from it and then make something beautiful from the good parts -- a camisole, or a beautiful beaded boudoir pillow.

  3. What is it made of? Have you tried soaking it?
    Where is the hole exactly, can you do some applique work?
    Very cute dress...