Monday, June 8, 2009

Last update...

Hey everyone!

I've been kinda lagging on the posts lately. I haven't really made anything major and I've been trying to get my sewing machine up and running so I can give my mom's back to her.

Anyway, I bought this pattern:
It's my first of this kind, a double layered dress. I'm quite excited about it.

This will be my last post for some two weeks because I'm going to Japan! I visited a vintage shoppe while there once but I doubt I'll stumble across anything 20s.

Sayonara! I'll catch up with you when I return!


  1. Lovely pattern, her feet and head look so tiny in this pattern.

  2. I just found you and am so happy that someone has dedicated a blog to the 1920's aesthetic that to me is simply incomparable.
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