Friday, July 17, 2009

Do you feel abandoned?

Well, don't even though I am kind of all about my new blog that no one's reading. :(

The news is my sewing machine hates me. It was my mom's. It's a Sears Kenmore from the 70s. So yeah it old but it's a machine and not a computer. It's been in and out of the Sears store. It's been in and out of a shop that specializes in sewing machine repair. Recently they told me that the belt keeps falling off for no reason whatsoever. Yes, there is no perfectly logical explanation for this happening. It just hates me. Nevermind the fact that my mom used it for thirty years and I used it for three before it decided to hate. So the verdict is that I currently have it back. I am working on this:
In this beautiful dragonfly brocade:

And one day I will finish it if my machine ever decides to love me again. :(


  1. I have a Kenmore too and it's a grumpy old thing. Fret not! I'm sure it'll be working better again.

  2. Aw I'm sorry! The most modern one I have is an old 1930s Singer and it's never given me a bit o' trouble- whenever I have to use my mum's (which is a 'modern' one from the late '80s) it gives me endless trouble. Never fun. :(

  3. Early 1920s Gatsby Garden Party Dress- Help!

    Part of me knows what I want, and yet part of me SO doesn't! Even though I'm certainly not unacquainted with the era, and I do adore their fashion, I haven't seen any extant dresses or patterns that have really popped out at me. You know, the dress where you just see it and all your papers and your sketchbook and pencils drop from your desk and the world seems to narrow down to you and the dress and hey look you realize you're drooling and the only thought in your head is YOU ARE MINE!

    That kind of dress. :D

    It's early '20s, so preferably '22-'24-ish. I just need links or pics to do with summer day dresses, don't worry about the colour or anything. I thought you would be a good person to ask! Thank you so much! My blog is

  4. The fact that you have a machine and can use it??? Im in awe...Its something I never could quite do...

    And my ability to follow directions and patterns was never very good either