Sunday, November 29, 2009

What have you been up to?

Well not sewing until this weekend.  I meat to update this with stuffs I did in October.  Yeah, I'm a little late on that.

Anyway, here's that stuffs.

The pirate coat was 1 of 4 Halloween costumes I wore this year.  Okay so a little advice if you ever undertake a pirate coat you should know that's it's hard!  I think I have arthritis from sewing on 23457961 buttons.  But it's damn cool lookin'!

Here's the pattern:

Next I made this:

I'm not sure if I did the skirt correctly as it sits a little weird.  And whose brilliant idea was it to have 6457893 pleats on a skirt?!?!?  Whoever that was, I hate you.  I hate you with the burning fire of a thousand suns.  But I sure look skinny don't I?

Here's the pattern:

I was inspired by Julianne Moore's very similar outfit in The Hours. 

As you can see, I still need to add that braiding to my skirt.  I also need to buy some shoes like hers to go with.

The shoes look like that but they are all the same color as the heel.  Anyone know what the heck these shoes are called?  I know they're popular in the summer.

Anyway, I tried my hand at knit fabrics for the first time this weekend.  I haven't been very happy lately but I find I am excruciatingly happy when I'm sewing.  Thank the PTB for Joann's coupons.  Without them I could never fuel this hobby of mine.

Knits are interesting to work with.  I learned the hard way you have to stretch the fabric while sewing since I have no idea how to work the zig-zag on the Bernina.  I could probably read pattern instructions.  That may help because it said to stretch the fabric.  Sheesh, I can be an arrogant chick sometimes.

Anyway, I made two tops and a jacket.  I promise to update this with them as soon as I take pictures.  Hopefully they won't be unwearable due to the weather.  It's currently raining which is good since it hasn't for some 90 days.  The tops are kind summery but can probably be layered quit effectively.  I also have one more top on hiatus because I forgot to buy the lining and I ran out of coupons.

I'm also working on a secret costume which won't be done until I can track down some notions.  I've bought out all the surrounding Joann's.  You'll see as soon as I'm finished.  I promise.
That's all the update I have for now.


  1. You need any notions, hon? Let me know and you can come over and see if I have something you can use! And if you were having problems with that brown skirt, I wish you would have called me-I made that one and could have helped you!

  2. yep - espadrilles... and the thrift stores are FILLED with them, since they've been so popular the past few years! no need to pay full price :)

  3. GAH! Love this pattern, can I find it anywhere? Can I bum!!