Monday, February 8, 2010


This one is for my fellow seamstresses.  I'm in the market for a new machine.  My mom wants the Bernina back and the federal goverment would like to buy me a new machine.  ;)

Well, having never purchased a sewing machine in my life I have no idea what to buy.  I don't do a lot of fancy pants work; as you can see I just sew stuff together.  I'd like a machine that does easy button holes and I think I'd like it to be around $200.  Like I said I don't do a lot of fancy stuff so I don't need a fancy pants machine.

Your thoughts?

I've read some reviews.  These two seem to be the best based on user reviews.  Anyone have either of these?

Singer 120 Stitch Function Sewing Machine - 7444

Brother CS6000I 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Multiple Stitch Functions 


  1. Check out the Bernette line of Bernina sewing machines. They sew very well, are all metal except for the exterior plastic casing, have no computerized parts, and have a great warranty.

    This is a weird recommendation from me - I own over 10 vintage Singer machines (two Featherweights, two 500 Rocketeers, one 503 Rocketeer, one 201, one 306, and several Singer school machines from the early 70's. All of these machines are rock solid. But my beginning sewing students have all had a bit of anxiety about using them, so last week I bought FIVE Bernette 56's, thinking that they would just barely do for what I wanted.
    WOW! They're fabulous. They don't shake like other new "plastic" machines, because they're all metal except for the outside plastic casing - so the timing doesn't go out all the time like the new plastic machines. Bernettes are the best machine for the money. Plus they have an actual warranty that covers the gears AND the electronics.

    I've been doing some clothing refashion this past week which can sometimes involve sewing over old seams & be very treacherous ground. They've done great, and my students and friends like them very much too. They also sew beautifully with knits. Some of my vintage machines don't do knits very well at all, even though they do well with leather and organza. Hope this helps!

  2. Can you shoot a price range at me for the Bernettes? I can't even find a ballpark online.