Saturday, July 24, 2010


Goodness gracious when did I start working on this thing?  I think maybe before the movie came out. 

Yesterday, I found this ridiculously large pot at Goodwill.  The skirt has been finished for some time but the ric rac was in different color blues.  It's been hanging in my laundry room for ages.  It made me sad to walk by the mismatched thing.  Well, I snatched up that pot immediately and dyed it as soon as the pot was clean.  It turned out beautifully!  A lovely rich blue!

So here she is with a good chunk of the rest of the costume:

There are a few things I need to complete the costume: a scarf, a small crinoline, gloves and the coat (which I do plan on making).  I am aware that atop the shirt is supposed to be a vest but I haven't been able to find one and I don't feel like making one.  As far as the skirt, I used a basic skirt pattern and sewed the ric rac on in individual strips.  It took forever!

Here is the original costume:

How sad was I when I finally saw the film and this costume was in it for a mere minute.  :(

What do you think?  Despite its imperfections I am quite proud of the skirt.

Next up:

No joke, this red dress was my favorite costume in the film!


  1. Good Job Jamie! I really like how the shirt turned out.

  2. It's really cute! Nice job!