Saturday, September 4, 2010


I was inspired by this blog to do some sewing.

I bought this really cute shirt in Japan.  I think it was part of a set.  Unfortunately, upon additional attempts to wear it I found that it was made for someone with little to no boobage.  (I thought I had little!)

Today I turned it into one of those Japanese overshirts that I love so much.

Next, I bought this shirt from  Unfortunately, it came with a tiny hole due to some machine error I'm sure.  Well, since it was an overseas purchase bought on clearance, it wasn't worth the cost to send it back.  I pulled up the fabric to add an additional pleat.  (The shirt came with about three pleats in the side.)  You'd never know!

Anyway, I'm glad I got that done this morning.  It makes me wish I wasn't so broke so I could sew something!


  1. I wish i could sew,i have bought a late 50's early 60's machine from a charity shop for $5 so i can learn though:)
    You could go down to the charity shop & look for some vintage sheets (or just pretty sheets in good condition)& make something from that.You can usually pick up sheets & tablecloths really cheap.She bear from FL did this & made some really cute dresses:)
    Hope you are having a happy day:) xxx

  2. I have no idea which site to subscribe too but I followed this one!! and I love! When I was sitll living in the US, I used to order from there all the time :D

  3. This is my sewing blog which I don't update very often these days since I can't afford to do much sewing.

    J★Style is my fashion blog which I update damn near everyday. :)