Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi all!

Sorry for the massive delay in between posts.  Life in Tokyo doesn't give me much time to breathe let alone sew.

Before I am allowed to buy any new fabric, I have to use what I have.  I have had this fabric my grandma gave me for a long time and when this pattern came out (McCall's 6396):

I set aside the fabric for it.  Life has a way of getting in the way of sewing projects, so it sat.  Today was the beginning of my 2 day mini vacation so I decided to make it.

First it's marked "EASY" and in my opinion it's not easy.  There are a lot of pieces and lining to make.  In addition, my zipper doesn't look great and I am not sure if I needed to but I had to put a pleat the back.  Also, the bust is a little large even though I used the A/B cup option.  A cups might find this a bit too big.  So it's not perfect but it's okay.  What do you think?

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