Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maybe I'm TOO old-fashioned...

So I was walking to my house in one of my vintage dress and as I walked by my neighbor's one of the 2134634097 kids they have yells through the screen "Hi Grandma!"

On the flip side someone I work with said today "You don't have a dress on today. It's weird." I didn't have a dress on because of my injured ankle. It hurts like hell.


  1. Yowch! I hope your ankle feels better.

  2. LOL -- my brother used to ask me whose grave I robbed to get my clothes.

    I hope your ankle gets better soon, too.

  3. Thanks it's feeling a little better. :(

  4. Sorry you hurt your ankle missy, hope it's on the mend :)

  5. Aw gee, hope your ankle's better!

    Pish! I'd take that as a compliment! I remember one of my neighbor's kids (always the kids, right?!) told me I looked like his grandmother once... his grandmother heard and came out and told me I reminded her of how people dressed when she was young... I couldn't stop beaming for the rest of the day! :D