Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is the last of it...

Not forever (now don't get excited) just for little bit.  I have to go back to work tomorrow. 

Well, I finally got the three Project Runway patterns in the mail.

The hem isn't finished in the photo.  Do you remember me raving about this fabric that I bought before I had the pattern?  That's it.  I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!  It looks like galaxies in space.  And the best news of all is that I have about a yard extra so I can use it as a contrast in something else.  Win! 

This is the pattern:

At the last minute I decided I would cut the flat sleeve (far bottom right) because I've done so many things with puff sleeves lately (not that I don't love them, just needed different).  This is by far my favorite of all the vacation sewing I've done.  I decided on contrast bows rather than matching bows.  I made them with bias tape and don't care what anyone thinks about that!  :p

Bow detail & fabric close up:

I think I'll definitely make this again.


Again, forgive the unfinished hem.  I think I bought a baby knit.  It was with other baby knits but it doesn't really look like one.  So whatever, I guess.  I forgot to put in the elastic at the waist.  I'm still debating whether it needs it or not.  I really like how this turned out but I am surprised how low the neckline ended up being.

From this pattern:

I bought this 80s pattern ages ago and just couldn't decided on a fabric.  I settled on broadcloth and to be honest I kinda don't really like this.  Is it just me?  Or is this weird looking?  Plus, the neck feels like it's choking me.  I'd appreciate your input, positive or negative.


Finally, I made this sweater:

I know it's kinda hard to see because of the black pants.  This is way weird  The sleeves sit oddly on me and I thought maybe it might be me but on http://sewing.patternreview.com damn near everyone who made this was not happy with it.  I wish I would have read that before doing this.

Well that's it folks.  I've had a blast sewing this vacation and I hope you've enjoyed everything I've made.  :)


  1. The bark cloth is too stiff of a fabric for the drap of the 80's shirt. I however love that 80's shirt and own one of the real ones from way beack when. I love it to death!

  2. Yeah maybe that it's. Although it did say broadcloth was okay on the back of the pattern.