Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back in the saddle again...

One day my mom said she had sent me a surprise package.  I couldn't even guess what it could be.  Some of favorite foods?  Clothes?  Turns out it was my sewing machine which was even better than anything I could have guessed.  Since she sent it (I can't remember when), I've been using it primarily for mending jobs as none of my patterns are here.  When I went back to visit my family at Christmas, I made sure to buy some fabric and pack some patterns so I could sew some actual clothes.

Here's my sewing space:

It's in my bedroom because I didn't want it in the main room.  You know because I have so many parties.  (Sarcasm)

We're on the tail end of a three-day weekend and since the forecast promised rain, I promised to be holed up inside sewing.  Weather forecasts never quite go according to plan in Japan and by noon the rain was full blown snow.  Well, after taking about a hundred pictures and going for a short walk up to the store snapping even more pictures, I finally settled down to sew.

I used this pattern, McCall's 6400:

(I prefer not to talk about the first time I made this pattern and I used the incorrect size.)

This is the fabric:

And I'm sorry but this is the best of like 50 pictures:

I don't have a wide mirror, not even in my bathroom, so this is the best I can do.  Also, I'm pretty inept at taking pictures one handed but I was trying to show off the dolman sleeve.  Sorry if it hurts your eyes!

All in all, I like this pattern.  In the picture the neck is supposed to sit like normal but it kept falling off my shoulder. So much for work clothes!

Anyway, I can't wait to check out the fabric stores here.  Thanks to my mom, I'm back sewing again!

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