Friday, September 7, 2012

Are you still there?

Hi dear readers,

I just realized that I have not updated this blog since last December!  My life took an unexpected but happy turn of events this June when I took a fantastic job in JAPAN! 

What does this have to do with sewing you ask?  Well, one of the things I had to (very sadly) leave behind was my beloved sewing machine as I didn't want it to get shoved around in the underbelly of the plane and it wouldn't fit in my carry on.

However, I am flying home briefly for Christmas to visit my family and friends and I hope I can cart the sewing machine back with me when I return to Japan.  I've already managed to find a place that sells fabrics and sewing notions.

So fear not friends!  I have not given up sewing!  I am just on a mini hiatus while I settle here in Japan.

On that note, if you have any interest in reading about my adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, you can visit this blog.  (There my creativity is manifests itself in food rather than clothes I've created.)

It might be a while, but I'll post here again.

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