Friday, September 5, 2014

Another look...

You know I stay up late and think about things.  Last night I was thinking about how I could fix the disaster that was Simplicity 1427 (see here).

I decided that would be my goal today, and as soon as I took care of the dog and her business this morning, I went to the craft store by my house.  I bought bias tape and elastic.  My first order of business was to take out not one but two hems (one was folded and sewn into the other).  I told you it was a disaster.  It took forever.  Once out, I had to cut the inner skirt to match the tulle.  It took a couple of adjustments to get right.  In the end I think I cut about 4 inches off the inner skirt.  I am aware that bias tape is a total cheater way to hem things but satin is ridiculous and I think the different fabric texture adds a bit of character to the skirt.

The second thing I had to fix was the yoke/casing disaster.  The first thing I did was take out the the stitching where I had sewn the underskirt to the yoke.  After that I sewed the underskirt to the tulle skirt because it was attached at the yoke.  Then, I took the yoke out completely and am still trying to figure out why it's needed in the first place.  I read and reread directions and looked at the pictures and still couldn't figure it out.  So I attached the casing directly to the skirt and underskirt. 

After that everything looked so much nicer.  I can even show the top of the skirt now where I wouldn't dream of doing that before.

Here's a pic:

It still doesn't fit in the mirror but I am so happy with this now.  Now that I've solved the mystery of this pattern, I can't wait to make more!  I'm lining up pink and black tulle skirts.  I'm also apologizing in advance to everyone on the subway.

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