Thursday, September 4, 2014

Simplicity 1427...

I'm pretty ballsy.  I'll attempt something that I've never done before with a fabric I've never worked with before.  Why not?  What could go wrong?

That's where Simplicity 1427 comes in.  Lately I've been obsessed with tulle skirts and I can't buy one here because buying bottoms in Japan forget about it.  Of course, I can buy basics here but anything cute apparently only comes in a size small (which means XS in America).  Boo.

Anyway, here's this pattern:

I decided to go for the longer version though I shortened it a little (because I'm short enough and don't want to get buried in tulle).  That was the easy part.  The hard part was hemming a satin fabric inner skirt.  It looks awful but maybe it's not noticeable, and I don't really feel like fixing it right now.  The yoke part was ridiculous, and I sewed on the underskirt wrong and had to take it out and redo it.  (Hooray for a day off!)  After looking at pictures of the skirt I'm also sure that the casing is wrong.  This is also not noticeable, and I also don't want to fix this.  (In case you're wondering these are reasons I don't sew things for other people.  I can abide and hide my mistakes but I don't want others finding them.)  I think that's all that's wrong with the skirt.  The directions were kind of confusing, so it's amazing that a skirt came out of all this.

Regardless, I think it turned out pretty good, and it's totally wearable:

Sorry guys, I couldn't fit this skirt in the mirror for a picture.  What do you think?  I don't totally suck at sewing.

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