Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Over it...

Both I and another colleague decided today we are over it. What are we over? Dressing up for work. Morale has sunk so low into the toilet that it's affecting damn near everyone. Even the one of the higher ups was wearing jeans. Jesus it sucks right now.

Regardless of all this my lovely readers shouldn't suffer. And 19 is such a Ka worthy number too.

So here's some of my favorite pics:

Yes, I would like every one of these dresses please.

And to give credit where credit is due I'm pretty sure I stole most if not all of these from Amy Jeanne's glam spam days on LJ.


  1. That pic of Marceline and Alice is one of my favorites too. ^_^

  2. What -- is the "economy" affecting your place, too? I used to be in such a rush at work, now I've nothing to do but look busy. I hate it. And I'm worried :/

  3. Maybe you ought to be the one to keep the pretty dresses alive at your never know who you might inspire, you know....I know it's hard but if we all give up then we are truly sunk! Even during the darkest days of the Depression, people tried.....besides, your wardrobe deserves to be worn-it's lovely!

  4. I know and thanks but I just can seem to put forth the effort any more. It's a lot of work looking fab!