Monday, April 20, 2009

The summer of the 1920s...

Imagine my utter joy whist reading the SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW edition of Entertainment Weekly in finding not one but two 1920s films opening this summer!

First is Easy Virtue (which I believe opened in the UK already):

My first thought on this is "GAH Jessica Biel!" She my least favorite actor in the world. It also appears that from the photos she is dressed more 30s than 20s while the other actresses appear to be 20s accurate (similar to Leatherheads). Despite my misgivings I will probably see this.

Next is Cheri. Boy, Google that and see what kind of porn you get.

In all honesty I don't know much about any place outside of America in the 20s. I would assume that the fashions look similar to ours with the dropped waists. The dress above looks earlier, however. As I mentioned earlier Google was less than helpful in producing any other costume photos. Regardless I am completely in love with this:


  1. Ooh. I have the exact white coat as in that picture. Just wish I had somewhere to wear it..... thanks for the lovely pictures.

  2. My dad used to have stacks of Cheri magazines in the basement from the 70s. I threw them away because my bedroom used to be in the basement and my little brother and his friend would always come down to sneakily look at them and bother me.

    What I wouldn't give to have that vintage porn now!

  3. I think you will find 1920 and even to 1923 very much like the teens in style, longer skirts (they didn't get short I don't think until 1925 and then they began lengthenin again) but the dropped was gauzy look was a mid to late look and also just one type of look for the time. It looks like the pfieffer movie is set literally in 1920, which explains the hat and the higher waisted poriet style dress in those photos.