Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Abby, come and get your sandwich, come and get your sandwich please" Part 1...


I've had a busy day making pants over here.

First, I made my first ever Steampunk pants!  Here:

I feel like these are something Holtzmann would buy if she happened upon them while thrifting.  I don't know how I feel about these on me.  Are they weird?

Here's the pattern I used:

And since I'm lazy (you know that) I cheated on the cuffs, but on further analysis of the pattern I probably shouldn't have because all those bells and whistles. are what make the pants pleat in the back and make them hug tight to the calf.  Oh well.  Also, I was thinking that since this pattern is still in print, you could use it to make Holtzmann's jodhpurs.

Second, I really love Holtzy's menswear style in Abby's Possession scene.  It's pretty grainy, but here's a behind the scenes pic of what I'm referring to:

Careful scrutinization (after I already made the pants) show that hers are most likely straight leg and not wide leg like the ones I made.  What a ding-a-ling.  Also, her pants have pockets, mine do not.  (And if someone wants to send me some Spanx that'd be great.)

Be kind to me, I don't have the blue shirt (because I haven't found the right shade of blue yet) that appears in this scene but I did my best with what I have:

This is the pattern I used:

If you're going for screen accuracy, I'd recommend making C instead of D or finding a pants pattern with pockets.  Now it's entirely possible to make mine into straight leg pants, but I don't think I could bring myself to do it seeing that they turned out so damn well.  I'm pretty proud of them actually and I don't say that often about things I sew.  However, there are a couple places where the fabric has pulled and might end up with a hole, so maybe there's a future for straight leg pants after all.  I think Holtzmann would probably wear these because we all know she's a fan of the wide leg vintage style.  (On a interesting side note: Holtzmann is not wearing any of her signature glasses in this scene.  Probably because she was just out getting sandwiches and/or she's about to be thrown out the window.)

The fabric is an English wool (blend?) which I stumbled upon at a discount store in the fabric district here.  There were only 2.5 yards of it and it cost me about $2, so these pants cost me about $4 to make.  Can't buy that anywhere (just like I can't buy pants in my size here).

Anyway, my plan was the make the possession scene outfit (meaning pants and vest).  I'm calling the pants made (even though they are not screen accurate because I don't have any more of that fabric, and I'd prefer not to start from scratch.  Stayed tuned for "Abby, come and get your sandwich, come and get your sandwich please" Part 2 in which I showcase the vest.

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