Friday, August 5, 2016

The things that were and those that weren't...

I had designs for some of these patterns and what came to be was not often what I had planned when I pulled out the pattern envelope, but sewing often works that way.  I'm going on vacation next week and in a crunch to get everything done before then, I knocked out 4 pieces.

First is McCall's 7152.  Here's the pattern:

Now it says you can make this with knit, so I did, because knits are awesome.  Maybe that wasn't the best idea because whilst making buttonholes, my machine decided to hate me and refused to sew more than half the buttonhole and ended up ripping the knit.  I swear to everything knit rips if you even look at it wrong, so I cried about it and after attempted to save the dress by just attaching the shoulder, but I had to cut off the ripped part making it shorter than it should be.  In the end, I am not super impressed with it.  I mean it's wearable but not great.  I also sewed on some decorated buttons to distract from the mess that it is.  Oh well, at least the fabric is cute.

Next is McCall's 6083.  Here's the pattern:

Now my intention was to make the jumper with sleeves (the green one), but I just got a new tattoo on my back so why hide it?  Before cutting, I decided to make the sleeveless jumpsuit with the neck strap from the white one added to it since it ties in halter style.  I am super happy with how this turned out.  Especially since it has pockets.  Pockets!  Easy to sew pockets!  I will definitely make this one again, and I'd like to make the white one next time.

Apparently it was McCall's week.  Next is McCall's 6559:

I made F but I don't like maxi dresses, so I figured I'd just not attach the bottom piece, and then I'd have an asymmetrical hem.  Well, that part turned out okay but the dress sits weird in a couple places (like the middle).  Also, I wanted to attach the star but at that point I was afraid of screwing up any more things so I just left it off.

Anyway, I dunno?  Maybe after it's washed it'll relax a little bit.  Right now it's not my favorite thing.

Finally, I finished the last piece this morning a mere two days before vacation.  Close call!  This is New Look 6291:

Now when I shopped for fabric I had decided to make B, the shorts jumper.  However, I realized before I cut it out that it was almost identical to the blue McCall's jumper I had just made, so because I bought extra fabric, I decided to make D (the dress with the sort of tulip skirt).  I had bought the ribbon for making B, and since it matched so well, I decided to use it for the belt and for a neck strap like in A.  I really love how it turned out!  Even though the hem on the skirt was really hard, it ended up looking great once it was pressed!  I will definitely make this pattern again.

There you have the summer wear.  I'll be looking lovely and stylish in Okinawa next week!

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