Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Second floor is mine!"

Holy crap!  Remind me NEVER to make a Mimi G pattern ever again.  This process was so painful, but I now finally have the end scene Holtzmann jumpsuit.  This is the scene when they finally get the firehouse.  There are tons of photos from this scene out there but for your pleasure:

So this is the pattern I used.  It's Simplicity 8060 but it's not at all easy:

For starters there are 9 billion pattern pieces and there are lots of complex finishing touches that I normally don't have to do when I sew.  Additionally, the fly is really really complex, and I'm almost certain I didn't do it right.

Anyway, here's mine:

(Please note that I don't have a cool Holtzmann belt, but I do have a cool X-Men belt.  I'm sure Holtzy would approve.)

Now no way is this perfect, but I'm wearing a smirk of satisfaction on my face because I literally cried while making this.  It was massively difficult and quite possibly beyond my ability level.  (You'll notice I'm surrounded by boxes because I'm moving in like 3 days.  Therefore, I had to give this pattern my all so I could finish it before moving.)  Now I know the picture makes the fabric look brown but it's actually an army green color.

It really photographs weird.  It's also pretty delicate and really slippery fabric adding to the difficulty I faced while constructing this.

I made a few changes to the pattern.  First, I made the sleeves long sleeves so they could be rolled.  I also did away with the drawstring waist and attached the top directly to the pants.

I'm so glad this is done.  It was an absolute nightmare to put together.  Next time I see you, I'll be sewing from my new sewing room!

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