Saturday, October 29, 2011

End procrastination!

I deemed this the weekend to end procrastination.  Let me tell you why.  I have a cabinet of fabric. Seriously, a whole cabinet.  It's fabric I bought with the intention of making vintage dresses out of it.  Well since I sold a lot of those patterns and don't wear vintage every day like I used to, it's been sitting in this cabinet for years.  Yesterday I pulled it out and thought "It's just sitting there. No longer!" Therefore it's the weekend to end procrastination!

So I spent most of Friday night crawling around on the floor cutting out patterns.  This was a poor choice.  I can't crawl around on the floor like I used to.  I also can't sew well into overtime like I used to.  It's my fault really.    I don't know when to quit and now my legs ache and my hands are sore.  It's hurts to walk.  No kidding.  So I've been in bed watching movies with a bit of Halloween in them.

Friday night I made this skirt:


It's McCall's 6327 and I bought it the pattern to make the version in the bottom right but thought I would try out another version using the end procrastination fabric.

I think it turned out okay.  It sits a little weird dunno why though.  Maybe it's all in my head.

Friday night I also started these pants (finished them today):

From Butterick 5044:

I love these pants even though they are a bit transparent (that's white linen for you).  Seriously if I had to live in a pair of pants it'd be these.  They were super easy too.

Finally I made this:

I am nuts for Peter Pan collars and I love how trendy they are right now.  I got this 1960s mail order pattern on eBay (brought to you by Fels soap!):

I love how this dress turned out.  So cute!  The fabric is quite stiff so the facing doesn't lay easy but maybe it will soften after a few washes.

I also cut out two others.  I might make one tomorrow depending on how I feel but I have to take in the Halloween costume tomorrow.

I also still have a bunch of white linen and nothing to do with it. Any ideas?  Skirt maybe?

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