Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love those knits...

Really I do.  I could have a closet full of knits and be happy with life.  Since I started sewing with knits in 2009, I've loved working with them.  Seriously.  I love them!

This is Simplicity 2804 that I bought years ago.  Seriously years!  And I made the aqua colored top from this pattern (in white with black polka dots).  Sometimes I pull out my patterns and see what else I can make from them.  I decided on the third one in.  Joann's has this great new Project Runway line from April Johnston.  The fabric is generally very expensive but it was 50% off so I bought this awesome black with silver polka dot stripes and made this:

Now you may think the bottom is a mistake but it's not.  I did that on purpose for two reasons.  The first is to make it look unique and the second is horizontal stripes to enhance the bust and vertical stripes to slim the hips.  ;)

I also worked on a dress today that ended up in the garbage.  (Well, half of it anyway.)  I don't know what I did wrong and couldn't for the life of me fix it so I turned the lower half into a skirt which just needs elastic.  I'm bummed but at least it's not a total loss.