Saturday, February 7, 2009


I just saw the movie Leatherheads. It is set in 1925. I thought "Oh great new outfit ideas!" I thought wrong. I was quite disappointed with the costume choices for Renee Zellweger. There was only one outfit I felt that was period appropriate for her. This is quite boggling because she's been in another 1920s movie, Chicago, anyone? She was dressed period correct in that one. In Leatherheads, however, it seemed as if her character was from the future (the 1930s future) wearing extremely high waisted dresses, skirts and jackets. Her hats were great but her hair was too long and most of the time it was pinned back or tucked under her hats. What also strikes me as odd was that the women around her (extras) were all dressed in period appropriate attire. The movie was cute but I was mad at the costumer for most of the flick. Was it just the costumer's way of showing Renee's character was just way ahead of her time? Who knows?

The one I liked:


  1. I had the same beef with the flick. While hair was often longer than even that in the 20's (cut like a mullet almost for those that wouldn't get rid of their length and then just pinned under), the style was much much later... 30's/40's. But then again, being a woman reporter in that day she would have been a very pioneering woman... maybe it was the same for her fashion style! :-D

  2. Even so, I doubt clothing styles like that were readily available.