Saturday, February 21, 2009


I watched The Cat's Meow which is a supposition of the events which occurred on W.R. Hearst's boat. This movie is by no mean's a happy story. It's about jealously, infidelity, lies, sex and booze (or everything that made the 1920s possible). None of the costumes struck me except for Marion Davies's (Kirsten Dunst's) nautical outfit.

Though I find Dunst adorable she doesn't posses that old Hollywood glamour.

Next I rewatched Bullets Over Broadway. This is the movie that made me love Woody Allen. I pretty much want every costume in this movie. What sucks is there are zero net pictures of all their rehearsal dresses. I'll see what I can do to get some up here.

I bought this pattern:And I plan on making this with it:

In other sewing news, I started putting together the pleated dress I cut out. I hate hate hate pleats. Ugh. I washed that old ripped pink dress from my very early posts and bought some beautiful pink linen fabric to make it up. It's currently drying and then I can take it apart. I cut out the green bustle effect dress and didn't have enough fabric so I'm going back to the fabric store. I hope they still have it.

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  1. Love it, Pink - can't wait to see your Chicago dress when it's complete. Haven't been able to bring myself to watch "The Changeling" because I know how it ends...I may need to get it on DVD so I can flip through without sound to see the costumes!