Monday, February 2, 2009

New pattern...

It's funky! And I think that's the reason no one outbid me on it. ;)

Aren't those sleeves tremendous?!?! Mine won't look exactly like the picture. First of all, I don't plan on having those silly tassels hanging from the sleeves. In addition, no pockets and no rope belt. Also, I may leave off the collar. All of those changes might make this wearable in public!


  1. This is almost exactly the pattern shown in one of my 1920's Woman's Institute the book it's referred to as a Pullman robe.

  2. Aww... That is too bad you are leaving off the tassles. That is the best part and so very period of the garment!

  3. That is the intent of the robe; the Woman's Institute advises that this type of robe be packed for train trips, as it is more "suitable" for walking back and forth from the loo to your Pullman berth than a flashy kimono.