Sunday, February 15, 2009


  • I completed one dress this weekend.
  • I made another version of the previous pattern.
  • One dress is hanging and waiting to be hemmed, probably tomorrow.
  • Once it's hemmed I will iron on the flower transfer for beading.
  • I cut out the dragonfly coat (can't do it until I figure out Bernina).
  • Cut out another damn pleated dress.
  • Cut out a handkerchief hem dress.
  • Bought fabric to make 2 dresses to go with the Re-mix shoes. I heart green.
  • A lot of the black and red beading done (90% complete).
Since this week is a short week (thanks Presidents!) I have about a week and a half of non repeaters. So that means I don't really HAVE to make anything until next weekend. But will I? Who knows? I like to sew and I'm kicking butt on these 20s patterns!


  1. Holy cow!! I can't believe how many projects you have going on, you are on a roll girl.
    The yellow/black frock looks fab now! Great thinking on the belt, to not make it go all the way round!
    That dragon fly material is going to look fantastic, can't wait to see it done up.

    Do you think the scallops will hang better after the dress is washed a few times and softens up? Very pretty.... and the sequined fabris is gorgeous too, great dress! I sure wish I had your sewing energy!

  2. I can't say. That is the first time (and hopefully the last) I've worked with scallops.

    I have to do something to keep myself busy while my boyfriend is so far away!