Sunday, February 8, 2009


Does tax season make anyone else naughty or is it just me? The sewing machine bit the dust again. This is the third time and it's been at the Sears repair shop twice. My mom thinks it may have run its course. It's older than me she says. Talk about the end of an era. So I guess its back to the Bernina which is a bugger because I haven't figured out how to get the zig-zag stitches back so I can do buttonholes. I have the manual. It's no help at all because I've done what they said and it's still not working. I guess it's fine if I don't need to do buttons.

Anyway, I came across this seller on eBay while doing the regular 20s searches. She makes modern reproductions of 20s dresses some with awesometastic beading. I can't at this juncture justify the $130 price tag for just one beaded dress. (That Rich Dad guy says you don't become rich by saving money.) Maybe another time as it's still on the old watch list. Right now I figured I'd get more wear out of the day dresses as I can wear those to work and don't have much occasion for evening wear. Sad huh?

This is what I bought:
Looka that big obnoxious flower on the side! Isn't it great!

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  1. Have you tried taking your machine to a different mechanic? It sounds weird, but most vacuum cleaner dealers are also mechanics for vacuums and sewing machines. A sewing machine that is older than you should be repairable. It's only the new ones with computers and lots of electronic parts that die an untimely death. I have a Kenmore from the 60s that never needs work, but my Pfaff from 2001 needs to go in once a year.